Microsoft MB2-717 必殺問題集認証試験に合格できない心配は要らない

JPexamは実際の環境で本格的なMicrosoftのMB2-717 必殺問題集の試験の準備過程を提供しています。もしあなたは初心者若しくは専門的な技能を高めたかったら、JPexamのMicrosoftMB2-717 必殺問題集の試験問題があなたが一歩一歩自分の念願に近くために助けを差し上げます。試験問題と解答に関する質問があるなら、当社は直後に解決方法を差し上げます。しかも、一年間の無料更新サービスを提供します。

IT業種で仕事している皆さんが現在最も受験したい認定試験はMicrosoftの認定試験のようですね。広く認証されている認証試験として、Microsoftの試験はますます人気があるようになっています。その中で、MB2-717 必殺問題集認定試験が最も重要な一つです。この試験の認定資格はあなたが高い技能を身につけていることも証明できます。しかし、試験の大切さと同じ、この試験も非常に難しいです。試験に合格するのは少し大変ですが、心配しないでくださいよ。JPexamはMB2-717 必殺問題集認定試験に合格することを助けてあげますから。

試験科目:Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
問題と解答:全95問 MB2-717 勉強の資料

>> MB2-717 勉強の資料


NO.1 Your sales manager has asked you to take over management of a sale for a customer that was
managed by a previous employee.
You want to make sure everyone who views the Opportunity has full visibility to everything that has
happened with the sale to this point and allow other staff to see that you are now managing the sale.
How can you meet these needs in Microsoft Dynamics 365?
A. Email the new management information to everyone in the company.
B. Delete the Opportunity and recreate it.
C. Assign the record to yourself.
D. Assign the record to a team.
Answer: D

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NO.2 An organization has many mobile users accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 via phone or tablet.
Microsoft Excel is not installed on the mobile devices.
The organization wants lo enable their users to view detailed analytics with interactive slicers for ad
hoc analysis for their customers and opportunities using only the web browser.
Which action should you recommend?
A. Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct users to open the template with
Excel Online.
B. Create the detailed analytics as a Report and instruct the users to run the report when needed.
C. Create the detailed analytics as a Dynamics Worksheet, and distribute it to the users.
D. Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct the users to download the
Answer: B

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NO.3 You are a salesperson using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to create a quote for services to be offered to one of your customers.
You have selected a potential customer and saved the quote record.
What should you add to the quote?
A. Add Price Lists.
B. Add Service Activities.
C. Add a connection between the Opportunity and the Quote.
D. Add Quote Products as tine items.
Answer: A

MB2-717 本番   

NO.4 After two months of communicating with a prospect your organization is ready to provide a
formal offer for products and to the prospect
You need to ensure the record is correct in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which item should you create to represent this formal offer?
A. Order
B. Opportunity
C. Quote
D. Lead
Answer: C

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